Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If you intend to fill a retreat with your own group then other dates can be booked. Location and prices can be discussed.

Yes. In this case, location, dates, length of stay and number of guests can be adjusted to suite your requirements. Please contact us for a price. Age restrictions still apply.

We have venues that can accommodate up to 30 guests. If your group is larger than this, then please call for more options.

Even if booking the retreat or private event exclusively, the minimum age for all guests is 21. 

Not at all! This is your holiday, if you would rather spend some time by the pool or hiking the hills, feel free! The retreat is for you to relax while doing what you enjoy.

No, although some people do get into character, this is not necessary to enjoy the themed activities.

You sure can! This is the perfect time to introduce your game to the other guests.

Our open retreats do not allow pets due to allergy issues with other guests. If it is solely your group, then pets are allowed in most cases. 

What are modern board games??

If you are not familiar with the modern board game scene, then you are probably thinking about Monopoly, Scrabble and all those other family games that you grew up with. As enjoyable as those may be, possibly the fact that they got you around the table and interacting with friends and family is what gives you those warm, fond memories. So now combine that joy with games that are thematic, fun, challenging and engaging! There has been a renaissance of the hobby and the market is now full of games that cater to different tastes and levels, whether you are an avid gamer or just someone trying to have a great time.

The games come in all shapes and sizes. Short and funny to long and strategic. Don’t like to be confrontational? Then you will love cooperative games in which all players work together against the board. A broad range of themes means that there is definitively something for everyone to enjoy. From colonising Mars to fighting zombies to hiking in national parks.

The world of modern board games is surprisingly vast with thousands of new titles released worldwide every year. With so many on the market, we at Intrepid Meeple strive to always have the best games for you to experience, from the good, the great to the downright epic! We want you to experience the wonderful world of board gaming!

Our library holds a broad spectrum of games that cover many themes and mechanics for you to experience.